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"Hanging around Christian doesn’t make you Christian. Playing Christian and wearing Christian doesn’t make you Christian. Are you all alright with that? I’m not being mean, it’s real. I say this again and I say it humbly and seriously, when nobody’s looking, that makes you Christian. When nobody else knows and nobody else sees, the bible says there’s Somebody seeing, and in the open He’ll reward it. When nobody else is in the picture, that’s the real you. When nobody’s aware, that’s when it’s real. That’s where your life changes, because then you’re only doing it for one reason: To know Him, to be with Him."

- Dan Mohler (via sonofhislove)

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I love when you’re hanging out with someone and you say that you might have to go soon and they ask you to stay because it’s like they like spending time with you dude

Laughed pretty hard about today.



I wanna sneak out in the middle of the night and drive to the middle of nowhere and lay on the roof of a car and stare at the stars 

my plans for when I get my license

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